Logo Designing

A logo is a combination of text and graphics that tells people your small business’s name while also creating a visual symbol that expresses your goal. It’s an important aspect of your brand’s identification (what people will see). A excellent logo is memorable, distinguishes you from the competition, and encourages brand loyalty.

A logo is a graphic symbol that is used to identify a business, organisation, product, or brand. Logos can be abstract designs, such as the Nike stripe, or they might represent an entity’s name spelled out in letters.

Emblem logos

Emblems are the oldest types of logo design. Think of seals, crests, stamps, prestigious school logos, or government agencies.


Pictorial mark logos

A pictorial mark logo (or a brandmark) is imagery reduced to its symbolistic meaning.



Among the most powerful types of logo design out there, we have the logotypes, also known as the wordmark logos. 

lettermark logo

Lettermark logos

Lettermarks (or monograms) are a cool way to reduce your brand’s name to an acronym.

abstract logos

Abstract logos

Next on the logo types list is the abstract logo, which is made of an image without any letters

Combination logo marks

Combination logo marks

This logo combines several different forms of logo design.
If you can’t select between the types of logos listed above, combine them.